John Nordt, MD

I would like to congratulate the Program Committee under the direction of Dr. Hari Parvataneni for putting together an excellent program. The topics are both timely and stimulating.   We are pleased to welcome Dr. Gerald Williams from the AAOS Presidential Line.  And the panel discussion on appropriate use of opioids should be enlightening and instructional. 

We have invested additional resources in our programming to enhance your educational experience.   We hope you will take advantage of the Mobile Meeting Guide to review the abstracts, engage in dialogue with the authors of the Digital Posters, and Tweet about your experience throughout the weekend.   Having access to the program and enduring materials at your fingertips will be a nice enhancement. 

Given the record number of abstract submissions over the past two years, we have also invested in sophisticated abstract management software.  Abstract submission and management has never been easier for our conference.  We hope to continue to expand participation in the coming years. 

Our organization continues to grow and is widely recognized as one of the most influential state societies in the nation.   Over the past years, we have achieved significant advocacy advances that will be discussed over the weekend.  We have expanded opportunities for emerging leaders and academic programs to drive our education and strategic priorities forward.   These demanding times in medicine require a strong presence in Tallahassee and engagement across the state if we are all to survive and thrive.

Finally, I don’t need to say much about our world class venue this weekend.  The Ocean Reef Club has always been a fantastic draw for our meeting.   I hope you have some time to enjoy the property, recharge your batteries, and appreciate this beautiful part of our state.   Thank you for your membership and attendance this weekend.


John Nordt, MD


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